Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sintra City and Pena Castle

Golden Dome

There is this wonderful castle about an hour outside of Lisbon up in the hills.  It is very Moorish in design and we were able to go through it, although no pictures were allowed inside.

Castle Defense 3

I was fascinated by the walls that look like they are covered in spikes.


Main Castle

When I think of a castle this is what I have in mind. 

Pena Castle - First Impression 2

This is the first impression as you arrive.  It was a Monastery first and added onto when it became the quarters of the Royal Family.

View to the Sea

As you can see, there is a view all the way to the ocean from Pena Castle.

Sintra Town Offices

This is a view of the city hall in the town of Sintra.


Doug and Cecile said...

Yes! I'm the first one to look at your pictures. I caught up with several of the blogs. We were travelling to see kids in Arizona and California for two weeks and now we're up to our necks in the first readers' theater practice here in Elk Ridge tomorrow night. These always scare me. Don't ask me why. Can hardly wait to see you in June. I'll probably stay a night and then drive very early the next morning to Charlotte. See you later. . . . Love, Cecile

Danielle said...

How beautiful! Now I have a new place I want to visit someday. Thanks for sharing the pics!